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Feed the Artists @ BURN's Chicago Decompression

Edible Alchemy joins the Bold Urban Renaissance Network in support of the Chicago Decompression this Saturday. Along with the Firewater Lounge, we will be providing meals to the volunteers creating this awesome, community arts event. Not familiar with BURN or Decomp? Find more information at

What We Need:
In order to provide a Feed the Artists program for the volunteers creating this event, we need financial pledges to cover the cost of the foodstuff itself. Everything else--preparation, transportation, and service--will be offered by Co-Op volunteers. All of this could be from you! Check out BURN's website to learn more about the event, then make your contribution through our website or email us to let us know how you'd like to give your time.

Our Goal:
We are seeking total contributions of $100-150 to provide volunteer meals at Decomp. We already have $25 pledged, and we will keep you updated as we get closer to our goal! The first $75 will go for food for the 'after-burn'-- those cleaning up and closing down immediately after the event. The second $75 will go towards Friday Night prep crews, DPW, sound and lighting techs.

How It Works:
We will be accepting donations up until the night of the event, 11/6.  Use the button on the left to paypal directly. We estimate it will cost us $2.50 to feed one volunteer from our delicious, locally sourced menu. Donate for as many volunteers as you want to feed!

PLEASE NOTE: Paypal adds a 4.5% fee to these transactions. If you would not like the extra charge incurred by paypal for transactions, arrangements can be made for cash donations. Use the form at the left to let us know how much you'd like to pledge.

Thank you for your contribution to healthy, nutritious food for the production of this community event.

See you there!

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