About Us

photo credit: Alex Love 2009
Edible Alchemy is a catalyst for the creation, expansion, and connectivity of a vibrant food community. We organize open discussion and potlucks, distribute local organic produce shares, offer volunteer opportunities, and provide for community-related events. We believe that nutritious food is essential to the healthy individual and to healthy shared environments.

History and goals

Edible Alchemy began in early 2009 with a small group of like-minded people who recognized problems with current food systems. Organic produce is expensive and often hard to find. While this budding industry is slowly becoming readily available and cost efficient, gaining access to this food as a collective creates sustainability for the community. We support local systems from markets and farmers to small businesses and friends. They are the backbones of this city, inspiring positive change to heal a corrupt and inefficient system that dominates our current food supply.

Volunteering is a large part of this co-operative. We share time, skills, ideas, and concerns to actively participate in our overall goals and better ourselves as individuals.

We want to help educate people about their food choices, preparation, and philosophies.  From many different schools of thought in preparation, growing, maintaining, and access, we look to be a resource for people to help find answers to these questions. 


If you'd like to support the co-op and its efforts in expanding to more great projects, and providing good food for others, feel free to donate.

Donations will go to maintenance of the co-op, towards buying bulk items to sell, or if you indicate so, to needy members who cannot afford to buy.

If you are looking to start a co-op in your own area, tailored to your community's needs, contact us!  We can help you start the process and point you in the right directions.