Edible Alchemy was, and is, built by the power of volunteers.  The generous time, effort, and expertise of many volunteers allows us to source amazing food for you.

Here's how you can get involved:

During the week:
-gathering orders from friends, family, community, etc...
-Gathering information & recipes for the zine.
-Clean & organize bulk area
-Clean, organize, & prepare Eco for Edible Alchemy pick-up
-Pre-weigh bulk orders going to satellite locations (move these things to Saturday)
-prepare receipts, invoices, lists.
-Update the website.

Saturday (pick-up day!):
-8am drive to pick up orders from:
Green City Market (Lincoln Park)
Windy City Harvest (28th and Western)
other vendors in the city
-10 am: prep Eco for pick-up!
-10:30 am: break out produce boxes  (this is when we need the most help!)
-Drive the orders to Hyde Park/Open Produce & Gold Coast/Yoga Now.
-Help new members weigh out bulk, find dairy, and more.
-Clean up at Eco.

Edible has some awesome projects up its sleeve this year- let us know if you want to get involved with:
-fabricating & decorating our new art bike cart fleet!
-organizing our Summer Feast-ival Fundraiser
-Organizing playshops (do you have an awesome food-talent?  then teach a playshop!)
Chard, after helping all morning!

ReUSE!: (bring items to Eco- do not leave items at a satellite location please!)

Please make sure all items to be reused are CLEAN!

Egg cartons (.25 refund)
Canning Jars with lids & rings ($1 refund)
Paper bags- large & small
Plastic bags- heavy duty or small
Plastic containers with lids
Glass jars with lids

scoops for bulk grains & beans
display baskets
organizational supplies (folders, paperclips, notebooks, etc...)
bike deliverers

Want to help? Give us your info!