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Edible Alchemy Exchange is the website of the Edible Alchemy Foods Co-op, located in Chicago, IL.

Edible Alchemy is a catalyst for the creation, expansion, and connectivity of a vibrant food community. We organize open discussion and potlucks, distribute local organic produce shares, offer volunteer opportunities, and provide for community-related events. We believe that nutritious food is essential to the healthy individual and to healthy shared environments.

Produce & Fruit Shares, Bulk, and Kitchen Staples.

Produce Share

Edible Alchemy organizes a local, all sustainably-grown produce share every other week.  If you're interested in buying in, you can find more information on the order page.

Deadline for purchase is the Wednesday before pick-up, at midnight.

Upcoming Co-op distribution dates:
Sat, May 9
Sat, May 21
Sat, June 4

Please visit our ORDER page to place orders 
and pay for bulk/extra items such as 
bread, farm fresh eggs, kombucha, flour, beans, 

lentils, jam, sugar, soap, pickles, and more!

Reserve your share now!

Please be sure to complete your order on the webstore by receiving a confirmation email indicating your order has gone through.  Thanks!

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Share Contents

Check out our PAST SHARES to get an idea of what a food share will look like.
March 12, 2011
Produce Share:
1 lb formanova beets from Nichols Farm & Orchard, Marengo, IL 
1 lb cippolini onions from Nichols Farm & Orchard, Marengo, IL 
.5 lb white button mushrooms from River Valley Ranch, Slades Corner, WI 
.5 lb Snow Peas from  MX 
1 6oz clam fair trade Blueberry from Chile 
.5 lb baby leaf Spinach from CA 
1 lb Watermelon Radishes from CA 
1 napa cabbage from CA 
1 Butternut squash from  CA 

Fruit Share
1 lb kiwis from CA 
1 lb Murcott honey Tangerines from CA 
1-2 White Grapefruit from  FL 
1-2 Ataulfo golden Mango from MX 

Feb 26, 2011

Produce Shares:
1 # onions from Nichols Farm, Marengo, IL
1 # portabella mushrooms, River Valley Ranch, WI
some winesap & jonagold apples from Hillside Orchards, Berrien Center, MI
.5# white Garlic from Argentina
avocados from Mexico
1 lb baby red bok choi from California
1 bunch red russian kale from California
1.5lbs fair trade bananas from Peru
1.5lbs oriental yams from California

Fruit Shares:
1 gorgeous and delicious pineapple from Mexico
1-2 mangoes from Mexico
1-2 cara cara oranges from Florida

Feb 12, 2011

Produce Share
2  avocados from Mexico
1 artichoke from California
1 bunch green chard from CA
.3# ginger from HI
braeburn & melrose apples from Ellis Farms, Benton Harbor, MI
1# beets from Genesis Growers, St. Anne, IL
1 bag mixed-color carrots from Genesis Growers, St. Anne, IL
1lb blue & purple potatoes from Nichol's Farm, Marengo, IL
1lb candy onions  from Nichol's Farm, Marengo, IL

Fruit Share
1.5 lb fair trade bananas from Ecuador or Peru
23avocados from Mexico
1 lb mandarin oranges from CA
7 biodynamic lemons from CA

visit our Playshops page for more detail and past events

Chocolate Playshop Part 1: Truffle Rolling 3.12.11

Chocolate Playshop Part 1: Truffle Rolling    3.12.11
with Michi
Part 1 of a 3 part Chocolate Series

Come to Edible Alchemy's Truffle Rolling Playshop and get your hands dirty learning how to make your own delicious chocolate truffles! Get ready for spring with a spicy chili-chocolate concoction, finished with either chopped almonds or powdered cocoa. And yes, these truffles will be entirely dairy and soy-free, using coconut butter for creaminess!
Register now to reserve your spot, this is bound to fill up fast!

Saturday 3.12.11
Eco (register to left for address)
$20 covers all materials & 6 rich truffles to take home.

Stay tuned for the rest of the Chocolate Playshop Series:
Part 2: Tempering Chocolate (date tbd)
Part 3: Working with Candy Molds  (date tbd)

 Michi is a baking goddess and mad kitchen scientist, frequently making people swoon with her chocolate truffles, cakes, cheese selections, ethnic foods and hot fire dancing. She works at an editing job that's generally unexciting during the day (at least until she sells her first best-selling book). 

We will be hosting a bag and apron making and screen printing event quite soon!  More info to come, and let us know if you're interested.  Bags and aprons will be available to volunteers for $5, others for around $15 to raise money for edible alchemy events.

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