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EA Produce Share
Upcoming share distribution dates:
Sat, May 9
Sat, May 21
Sat, June 4

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Ordering Info

Order shares and bulk  products through our webstore below.  Pick-ups are every other Saturday afternoon at one of our 4 locations, (info also below).  Be sure to note the pick-up schedule, and make sure to order before the deadline- midnight on Wednesday before pick-up.  All orders placed after the deadline will be processed for the following pick-up.  Properly placed orders will receive a confirmation email- if not, your order did not go through!

No fee to join!
There is no fee to join the co-op.  Nor is there any mandatory repeating subscription.  Simply order what you need, when you need it.  We are different from CSAs (community supported agriculture) by offering a "no-obligation" bi-weekly produce share, as well as a wide range of kitchen staples, bulk grains, beans, soaps, and more.

We prefer for you to pay in advance, though we do accept payment day of pick-up.  Pay online via paypal or Echeck, in person with a check made out to Edible Alchemy, or in cash.  We do not take credit cards at any of our locations.

Share Contents
The contents of the shares differ every single time.  They are determined the day before pick-up due to farmers availability, the weather, and other circumstances.  Changes often occur at the last minute.  We scout out the best locally and sustainably grown produce for you while it’s available in the mid-west.  In the frozen winter months, we continue to offer shares filled with produce grown in warmer climes.  Check out our Past Share Contents to get a better idea of what you might be receiving seasonally.

Pick up Locations
We currently offer 4 locations in different neighborhoods for you to pick-up your shares.  (Please scroll down to read more about each location.)  
Starting in March, we will be adding a $2 fee to orders picked up at satellite locations (The Cathouse, YogaNow, and OpenProduce) to help compensate the volunteers who gather, pack out, double check, and deliver your orders to these locations.  Your $2 will become a "food credit" for the volunteers, allowing them to receive a discounted share. Thank you!
If you cannot pick up your share within the window on Saturday, please notify us as soon as possible. 
Arrangements can sometimes be made, especially if in advance.

Unclaimed shares
If you order a share, you must pay for it, even if you forget to pick it up.  Unclaimed shares will be donated to a good cause- often hungry & hard-working volunteers.



If you cannot pick up within the window on Saturday, arrangements MUST be made IN ADVANCE.  Contact us as soon as possible.


Located off the Pink Line "Damen" stop, between Damen and Hoyne, on 21st St., in Pilsen.

Pick up times: Saturday, 12:30p-5:30p

The Cathouse

Located on the east side of Kedzie on the corner of Lyndale in Logan Square.

Pick-up times: Saturday, 2pm-5pm

Yoga Now

Located on LaSalle Blvd near Chicago Ave. in the River North / Gold Coast

Pick-up times: Saturday, 2pm-5pm

Open Produce

Located on E  55th St near Cornell in Hyde Park / Woodlawn

Pick-up times: Saturdays, 3pm-9pm

Give us your feedback, request new bulk items, and ask questions.  
or tell us what you think of us.  We'd love to hear it.