Edible Alchemy Exchange is the website of the Edible Alchemy Foods Co-op, located in Chicago, IL.

Edible Alchemy is a catalyst for the creation, expansion, and connectivity of a vibrant food community. We organize open discussion and potlucks, distribute local organic produce shares, offer volunteer opportunities, and provide for community-related events. We believe that nutritious food is essential to the healthy individual and to healthy shared environments.

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EA Produce Share

4/17 box contents

Produce Boxes

Edible Alchemy organizes a local, all organic-or-otherwise-sustainably-grown produce share every other week.  If you're interested in purchasing a share, you can find more information here.

Deadline for purchase is the Wednesday before pick-up, at midnight.

Upcoming share distribution dates:
Sat, May 29
Sat, June 5
Sat, June 26
Please visit our ORDER page to place orders and pay for bulk/extra items such as bread, farm fresh eggs, kombucha, flour, and sugar.

The Formulae! 
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 Box Contents

Produce Box Contents from 4/3/10
May 1, 2010

from Windy City Harvest, Chicago IL!

1 bag mixed baby lettuce

From Co-op Partners (sourcing from small farms, as locally as possible, or supporting fair-trade, and all organic)
1 Pineapple from Costa Rica
2-3 large Ataulfo Mangoes from Mexico
1 bunch local Ramps from WI
1 bunch Rainbow chard from CA
2 lbs Purple Hugh Potatoes from ND
2/3 lb Snap Peas from CA
2-3 Pink Lady Apples from WA

Information is updated as we receive farmer's availabilities.


The local farms have run out of storage and greenhouse crops due to high demand!  Unfortunate for us, great for them.  100% local produce will be coming sooner than we know it :)


Check out our PAST BOXES to get an idea of what a food box will look like.

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We will be hosting a bag and apron making and screen printing event quite soon!  More info to come, and let us know if you're interested.  Bags and aprons will be available to volunteers for $5, others for around $15 to raise money for edible alchemy events.

visit our Playshops page for more detailed information

Raw Nut Milks

Register now for this month's installment of our ongoing play-shop series! Learn how to make a totally Raw Breakfast with Nut Milks!  Featuring Raw Almond Milk and Cereal in the Nude, topics covered will include the benefits of living foods, raw food prepartions skills, and new, easy-to-make-delicious-to-eat receipes that more deeply activate creativity in your bodies, minds and spirits! The playshop will show you how to make a variety of nut milks in your own kitchen, and will send you home a with a quart of handmade Raw Almond Milk. Playshop is 5/29 from 2-5 and costs $20. As always, sharing is encouraged!

Bread Baking

**  Please Note!***  Due to lots of interest, this workshop will be held again!  Please keep looking for updates, and express your interest to us so we know to contact you!! 


On Saturday March the 20th, the earthy Andrea will lead a bread baking workshop.  Learn to bake whole wheat bread from scratch, adding other ingredients if desired (cinnamon, berries, nuts, cheese, garlic, etc...). 

The class will be $20 for 2 loaves of bread (bring a friend(s) to help with your loaves at no additional cost!)

The class will cover:

-Brief overview of yeasts + sourdoughs
-Short history of bread making
-Differences in gluten free & wheat bread production
-The hands-on instruction of making 2 of your own loaves!  There will be options available: Egg, Cinnamon, Whole Wheat, multi-grain, and filled-breads (cheese + herb? tomato + basil? spinach + feta? garlic + cheddar?...).  Bring your own favorite ingredients, or there will be limited amounts of certain others provided by request.

Please RSVP by Friday morning for the class on Saturday morning, with how many people will be making your loaves, to ediblealchemy@gmail.com.
 Pre-registration is required, at least by the day before.

More information HERE!

 Pie Making

Feb 13, 2010, Edible Alchemy hosted a pie making workshop led by the "professor of pie", Msr. Egon Schiele.

Using organic local butter, organic local whole wheat flour, organic local apples, berries, organic local squash, and organic local vegetables, DELICIOUS PIES WERE MADE!  And much fun and deliciousness was had by all.

contact: ediblealchemy@gmail.com
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